My friend Alicia emailed out this link last night.  Wow was I glad she did.  What an awesome letter this momma wrote to her kids.  They might not be able to understand it now, but someday they will.

My favorite line is “I want you to want the Kingdom of God more than your own kingdom.”

Check it out here.

Just a personal note about saving for the kid’s future:  I agree with what she said that no where in the bible does it state that we as parents have to pay for a child’s education.  However, we were blessed with Jason’s education being almost entirely paid for by his parents.  It was an awesome relief to only have one small student loan.  And while there will be in no way we can save up for a full ride for all of our kids, that does not mean we are not saving for their future and hoping to bless them finacially somewhat later in life.  My parents did that for all of us kids, we had a “sum of money to start our own business” once we came of age.  Another wonderful asset to have to get one started out on the right foot finacially in this life. So thank you mom and dad and John and Sheryl!  We hope to be able to provide and “help” our kids later in life as well!