Today was the last day that Fareway was running their $1.28/lb asparagus deal!  So exciting! I have no idea if I have just never paid attention to asaparagus unless I see it for $1.99/lb- but seriously, is it EVER this low? If so, I am very sad to have missed it.  Since I have not seen it this low before, I decided to stock up.  AND seeing as how both of my children have decided they LOVE asparagus… a girl can’t go wrong, right? RIGHT!!  We walked out of Fareway with 4 bundles of aspara-grass (as the lady checking us out called it) and once I got home I decided I needed a plan.  We will use one bunch tonight for dinner and save one for later in the week.  Bags of spinach and other salad was also $.99 this week so I stocked up on those as well.  We are good to go in the veggie department. Plus, I didn’t want to push my luck feeding the kids and my honey the same veggie 4 nights in a row. 🙂  I decided to get creative and googled what it took to freeze fresh asparagus.  I found something that I thought I could work with here and decided to give it a whirl with the last two bunches.

Here is my water boiling and my diced veggies ready to be blanched (in hind sight, I would not have chopped them so little – I was thinking that we have to chop it up anywa for the kids so I might as well do it all now and save myself a step later- but it made getting all the little pieces out of the water a bit much.)

I blanched them for about 2 min and quickly (ha! with all those little pieces!) put them in a bowl of ice water.

And the finished product ready to be put in the freezer.

It seemed like I should have made another 10 batches since I already had the mess out.  But since I have never done this before I think 2 bags is enough this time around.  If it is a hit, then I will definetely stock up more next time!  Cheers to more veggies!