For those of you who remembered about my blog post “Happy Birthday to Me!” my goal was to lose 10 lbs in about 6 weeks.

Well folks, today is the day.  I’m 28 years old and 9.5lbs lighter! Woo hoo!  So excited, this was my birthday cake to myself. 🙂

These coco covered almonds from Sam’s have been a lifesaver for me the last couple of weeks!  My mom bought them for me (I had tried them at my grandparents and enjoyed them) and I’ve been munching away.  Although no more than 1/4 c per day! 🙂

I am very pleased with my results and while it isn’t quite the 10 lbs that I was hoping for, it is VERY close!  Not to mention that Jason and I are now racing to see who can lose the next 10lbs (For him- 9 for me) and that is keeping me motivated. I’m hoping by May 1st to be at my pre-marriage weight.

Jason and I were talking last night about what has made this weight loss journey a success.  Even before I started back in Jan I figured my BMI and I was still under the “overweight” category.  But not by much.  And I was not pleased with how I looked or how I felt.  So it was time to make a change.  I made several changes, most of them small, but two that have been pretty big.   1) Smaller portions.  Seriously, this has been huge.  Sometimes I eat dinner and I feel hungry 45 min later- but I know that what I am eating is healthy so it was motivating to keep my portions smaller.  2) Upping the frequency and intensity of my work outs.  I was already in the habbit of walking/jogging on the treadmill for 20 min/ 3x a week.  But I have started doing cardio for 30 min about 4 times a week and weight lifting 1-2 times a week.  (Thank you E for that tip!) One thing that I am most excited about is that I have done this from home!!  I’ve been able to work my workouts into our routine (mostly right after the kids have had breakfast and get dressed…everyone is usually pretty happy at that time of day).  Some days I put a 30 min video in for them so I can focus with fewer distractions, but sometimes they just play downstairs around me.  And let me tell you what… there are days when I have to stop for the 6th time in 10 min to break up an argument or kiss someone’s boo boo and I wonder if it worth trudging through.  Most days I did… some days I cut it short. But I did my best to be faithful with working out, getting my heart rate up and waking up in the morning planning to work out (and being surprised when it was a day off!) instead of planning to not work out and being bummed that it was Monday again (old work-out day).  Anyway!  Very exciting and I plan to keep pushing through.  Here are a few other smaller changes that I have implemented into this new “lifestyle” 🙂

– If I order coffee at a coffee house – it is always made with skim milk

– Never pop food into my mouth- no matter how hungry I am.  I will intentionally eat a snack and then stop and not allow myself to graze

– Stop eating even when I don’t feel full- we’ve changed over and use our “salad” plates which I think are the correct size to us 9″ instead of the large dinner plates- makes you feel like you have more food to eat.

-More beans (hello lentils!) and fish for dinner (I’ve read in several places that they key to staying slim is fish twice a week and lots of veggies… I thought I was doing great having fish once a month!) thanks to the awesome fish sales the last few weeks, I’m stocked on salmon and tilapia and found a few recipes that our entire family enjoys 🙂

-Fiber! Fiber! Fiber!  Mostly in real foods, hardly any processed foods

-Lots of water and I added skim milk to my diet for breakfast and dinner- a little coffee a day- otherwise no other beverages (thank goodness I gave up pop back in Sept! – 6 months no pop!)

-And a mental change of mind for myself.  That once I lose the weight I’m not “done” – this is a lifestyle change- if I go back to working out when I feel like it and grazing on food, the weight will come back.  For some reason I tell myself that thin ppl are just thin because God made them that way.  Come to find out, most of them have to exercise and watch their portions too.

I really can’t tell you how excited I am!  Jason says that there is an extra sparkle in my eye and spring in my step.  Might have to do with that it is almost spring… but I am pretty excited to be pulling out old jeans and finding that they fit!  Woo hoo!