I’m totally stoked about this deal today! Thanks to Money Saving Mom ‘s notice a few weeks ago about Kashi coupons!  AND- did you know most internet coupons you can print twice per computer?  I have no idea why this has slipped my mind (I did know it at one point) but for the longest time I have just been printing one coupon at a time.  Anyhow, I printed two of the Kashi coupons for the TLC bars.  A few days later I found another link I think from Money Saving Mom again for $1.50 off any Heart to Heart cracker or cereal item (printed 2 times).  AND in my coupon booklet I have kept a $1 a Kashi cereal (Honey Sunshine) for like 6 months hoping to catch a sale!  Today was the day!  Target had their cereals knocked down to $2.88 per box and their TLC granola bars to $2.59 with a deal that if you bought 4 boxes you got the 5th one free!  So ladies and gentlemen!  I purchased 3 boxes and cereal and 5 boxes of granola bars, combined the sale prices with my super duper coupons and paid a total out of pocked of just $12!  Woot!  You can hardly purchase regular cereal or regular granola bars for $1.50 per box!  I’m totally smiling right now!  Here is a picture of my loot!

A big shout out ot Lifestyle Logic for the head’s up about the sale!  I totally would have missed it so thanks for posting!