Almost… 11 hrs left.  Thanks to rbm’s suggestion of putting my bananas in the fridge, the two organic ones made it until today.  Which means that I went an entire week without buying groceries and was still able to have a banana a day! 🙂

I was trying to figure out the lessons learned from this experiment and I couldn’t really come up with any.  Mostly, just that it is do-able to stay out of the stores, let a few deals slide and not (for the most part!) spend money. Will I ever do this again?  Maybe.  Probably.  Just wondering if it will turn into a weird week like this was.  (IE. car/vacuum repairs, ect).  I wondered if next time I could stretch it into two weeks… with a banana trip in there of course. 🙂

In other news… I had some down time this week and couldn’t run many errands without feeling like I should spend money.  So I decided to clean out my spice collection. Lame-O.  I know.  Really, does one write about organizing their spices?  Well, I thought about it and decided pictures would help. 🙂  Add to the fact that when my mom was here we went to Sam’s and I purchased two of the large spices (chili powder and cinnamon) and there was no room!  I knew something had to happen. Plus, since we turned our eating habits around 1.5 years ago… I knew there were several items in there that we were no longer using.  Here is my before picture:

It doesn’t look all that bad, but it really was.  I could never find what I was looking for and as you can see by the large container of cinnamon (not to mention the few other spices I had in m pantry because they didn’t fit) that some change needed to happen.  I put them all out on the table so I could see if I had doubles of anything and to sort out what I was and was not using.

Really, does one need all of these spices?  I should have counted… but it seems like a bit much.

Thankfully, this pile is the “doubles” pile (yes, I should have done this long ago!) I was able to condense all of these into one container and recycle all of these… I’m pretty impressed 🙂

And the following stash was what I have not used in over a year!

Here is the final result, all cleaned out and organized.  They are divided into sections (most used, hardly used, baking) except for the little ones… for the first time in my life I actually alphabetized my little spices. We will see how long that lasts. 🙂  My last job as an office manager I was in charge of alphabetizing the patient files… you can ask the boss how well I did with that. 🙂

And here is my sprinkle collection!  I love sprinkles!

I think I would call this the official start to my spring cleaning.  Last week it was my purse and today I cleaned out my wallet!  Wow.. there was a lot in there that did not need to be! I swear it is half the size!  Onto the garage and closets!