I don’t have much to write about for day 6 of our no spend money week.  Thankfully. 🙂  Although I did see an AWESOME Fareway add for this coming week so I am headed there on Friday am for new stash of bananas, grapes, asparagus and boneless, skinless chicken breasts!  Woot!   Also our “month” starts on the 10th- so I am currently sitting here matching sale adds with coupons to figure out a plan for March Freezer/Cooking day.  Is it that time already?  Wow… Feb flew by!

This morning though, I did do my presentation about becoming a Frugalista at Parview’s ‘Hearts in Touch’ group. And it went great!  I had 30 min max for what I presented and I have no idea how long I took!  It seemed like I was talking for FOREVER and yet I had a great time.  I really was not nervous at all.  Usually when something is coming up in my life that I am not excited about I do the whole “I’m not going to think about this until the time comes”- then the time comes and usually I freak out. 🙂  So  I wondered if that is what was going to happen today.  I called Jason on the drive over and told him I wasn’t nervous… actually I was pretty excited!  I was happy about my material and had a few ideas of how to connect with the women listening.  As soon as I pulled into the drive way though I got butterflies in my stomach.  Bummer.  I quickly changed my shoes (into my black heeled boots under my jeans or as Belle calls them my “clicky shoes”) and somehow felt so much better!  Maybe grown up?  I have no idea. I prayed that God would use the time, give me words and bless me with courage!  I also knew that several people were praying for me.  Sarah presented first and I enjoyed her talk and wasn’t even thinking that I was about to go next.  However, as soon as she said “my last point is…. ”  I decided right then and there that I needed to pee NOW!!! Quickly, I decided that there was no time and it was just nerves.  I got up to start talking and my mic wouldn’t work!  So that gave me a minute or two to be standing in front of the ppl without having to talk while they were fixing the problem.  Funny how that happened because it allowed me to start right away in with a joke about being a pastor’s kid and growing up with “sound problems”.  Instantly I felt at ease and was able to get through it all without a hitch.  I was smiling as I finished and had several ppl say they “were inspired” so I guess I will take that as a good thing. 🙂  As I sat down I instantly got a headache and feel as though I ran a marathon so apparently there were some nerves there after all.  But I have enjoyed some down time this afternoon and feel better.  Thank you coffee and tylenol. 🙂  I did enjoy myself and I’m looking forward to maybe presenting it again at a women’s time for Mars Hill in the future.  But for now… I’m done.  Looking forward to going bed tonight without running through my notes in my head. 🙂

Ps.  They said in a few weeks the audo will be available on their church’s website… so if I get a hold of that… I will let you know.