Today is a happy day and a sad day.

Happy because we are half way done with our no spend money week!  Woot! We are surviving!

Happy because there is a free Redbox code (can you say perfect timing God!) And I did manage to get some more popcorn the last night I went grocery shopping so FREE movie night! Yeah!


Sad because my banana stash looks like this:

Do you see all those brown spots?  I am very much a “yellow” banana girl and I NEED a banana every day.  Call me crazy, but this works for me.  Now, those hanging bananas are in no way yellow anymore and even more so will not make it till Thursday.  I was hoping to snag a bunch of green bananas on Thursday night to tide me over through the second half of the week, but there were only organic green ones available.  While I would in no way EVER pay $.88/lb for organic bananas (they are not even on the dirty dozen) I decided that this was an extreme situation and I could cave to pay that insane price for 2 very green bananas in hopes that they might make it to Wed or Thurs.  Here’s hoping!  I need to add a trip to Walmart or Fareway on my list of to-do’s first thing on Friday am so we have fresh yellow bananas for lunch!  I’m going to be a busy girl that morning!