Day 2 of our “no spend money for a week” plan.

My in laws had said earlier that they were coming to town this weekend. Lucky for me, my birthday is next week so they said I could pick a restaurant to eat lunch today!  Woot! I racked my brain all week trying to figure out the perfect place to eat and today about 1 hr before we left, I decided on Applebees.  Mostly due to my “Happy Birthday to Me!” challenge that is ending next week.  I didn’t want to blow what I have going so far. 🙂  I know Applebees has a Weight Watchers menu so I figured I could control my portion and not eat an never ending plate of bread sticks.  Yes, to be honest, Olive Garden was a close second choice. 🙂   Anyway, my generous mother-in-law and father-in-law paid for our lunch out today- couldn’t have come at a better time!  Thanks John and Sheryl!