Our “no spending money for a week” started last night at midnight.  And already I feel the boundaries creeping in around me.  Not with toilet paper (thank you Target for a great buy!) and not on bananas (although I don’t think mine will make it all the way till Thursday!  what is a girl to do!) but rather stuff that I didn’t see coming.  The first was last night around 8:30pm I was working on this presentation for Parkview next week and realized I had forgot to buy my props that I had planned to use.  They have been on my Walmart list for a good month or so, but hauling two kids in ice and wind along with a piece of hot pink poster board (my idea of a good garage sale sign) is not high on my list of fun things to do.  Apparently, I kept putting it off…  until now.  And I can’t spend money.  I actually thought “maybe I could just spend some on this” and then told Jason my predicament.  We then realized that I have half a piece of white poster board already (hiding behind the couch just waiting to be put to good use) and I have a stack of hot pink construction paper… so I am just going to scale down my sign and glue the hot pink paper all over it! Hopefully once the ladies hear of my experiment they will be forgiving of my rough piece of artwork. 🙂

2nd thing happened this am at 9:30.  Our usual Friday morning plans didn’t work out, so I was trying to figure out a plan B.  And since wandering around Walmart is out of the question, (and the fact that I am trying to push John Boy’s nap from 11:30 am to 12:30 or 1pm… I realized I needed something GOOD!)  Suddenly, it dawned on me!  It is Friday am and that means the IC tot lot!  Seriously, this thing rocks. They have two huge bounce houses and tons of space to run and play and ride bikes in the gym. PERFECT!  I told the kids to clean up, I was finishing getting ready and we would head out to tot lot.  W-A-I-T -A -M-I-N-U-T-E.  It costs $1 per child to get in! ? !  Seriously!  Could I not just grab $2 and go? AND I had already told the kids and they were very excited.  MY BAD.  My second Plan B was to pack a picnic lunch and and head to the Children’s Museum for a while.  We got a hold of our friends Jess and Brianne and they came along as well.  After explaining myself (really, how does one tell their 4 yr old they are not spending money for a week???) that we had a change of plans, we got packed up and headed out. We all had a great time and at the end we got to go rescue daddy from the car repair place (it was in earlier last week, but the problem is not fixed… hoping they don’t find anything else wrong and charge us $$! NO!!!!!).  Anyway, we got home, naps started about 12:45pm- awesome.  And here I am at 12:50 pm blogging about how this is going to be a long week and wondering if we will make it.  I thought to myself this morning “Leah, you should have started this experiement when it is warm outside… so many other options of things to do!” So my friends… I don’t feel the need to spend a lot of money at one time… but $1 or $2 here and there…. well, I’m already seeing a trend. 🙂  Stay tuned for day 2. 🙂

Just realized that I use a lot of ( ___ ____ ___) in my entries.  Somehow it makes me think you will understand my wanderings a big more. Welcome to my brain. 🙂