For those of you who know me, I LOVE things that are cleaned and organized.  I don’t like cleaning and organizing, I just like the results of those two activities.  So they take high priority for me.  Since having Belle, I have S-L-O-W-L-Y been dropping the bar of what I can live and function with when it comes to things being cleaned.  I remember when she was just learning to sit up, we had a little basket of about 11 toys in our living room and she would take them out one at a time in a pile around her. The entire process took her about 30 min.  I couldn’t believe how people let toys take over their house.  I mean really, it isn’t that hard to keep things under control.  Fast forward 3.5 years and another kid later- it is amazing to me how in 30 SECONDS their bedroom, bathroom, booster chairs in the kitchen, car seats and backyard can look like a tornado had just came through.  I/we do a pretty good job of keeping things picked up, but my deep cleaning habits have changed enormously!  One of the biggest things that still bothers me though… is this.

Welcome to our van.

See the floor? Ok, this will help:

Nasty!!  Really people, can we not keep the cheerio and goldfish snacks under control? Nope.  We can’t.  In fact, we were driving along today and Belle informed me: “Mom, Johnny is eating old snacks out of his car seat…” Great.  Every time I have opened the van in the past few weeks I’ve wanted to cry.  I mean seriously, what other floor in my world looks like this?  I don’t let the kitchen floor get this bad and I try to vacuum the carpet once a week. But I have not vacuumed out the van in probably six months.  Our vacuum is an upright and there is no way to turn off the brush while using the attachments.  I didn’t realize this the first time I tried to vacuum out the van. Until later when I  discovered all the saw dust, rocks and grass that had also gotten sucked up. Scratch that idea.  And going to a car wash with two kids to vacuum out the van is not very high on my “yeah fun!” list. 🙂  So I’ve been putting it off.  For far too long.

Enter my Christmas present from my parents this year. 🙂  Hello love. 🙂

A thing of beauty isn’t it? 🙂  Too bad it has been freezing outside and I’ve had the thing for 45 days and still my van looked like above.  But today we got home from errands and the kids wanted to play with shovels for a bit so I thought “The sun is shining and I’m going to spend 20 men vacuuming out the van!”  And wow-E does it look great!  Sorry I forgot to take a picture. It looks amazing (and I didn’t even get into detail work, just a general vacuuming of the 5,672 cheerios on our floor).  I’m one happy girl.

AND if you are wondering why I titled this like I did.  Well, God knew what he was going and what it would take to strech me and make me grow.  In a perfect world I would totally have OCD.  Apparently, it took 2 kids to get me outa there and allow me to be more flexible and able to relax a bit.  Not that I still don’t notice these things or even want to fix them most of the time, but now I can turn my head, take a breath and go read a book to my kids.  That my friends is an act of the big guy upstairs. 🙂