You would never know it now, but 22 months ago, 90% of my immediate family lived here in Coralville/Iowa City.  I knew during that time that we were so blessed to be in such close proximity.  And I also knew that it would not last forever.  Being that we were raised to “Go therefore and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19 & 20) it was a sweet time together that would eventually come to an end.  I just didn’t know how soon it would end or how far apart we would end up.  Fast forward to this last week, I said goodbye to the last remaining members of my family (John, Jade & Aza) as they moved out to Colorado to join my parents in the Loveland church.  My dad has invited all of us kids to join him for a time of serving along side one another in ministry as we are all now adults.  I have no idea if it will work out for all of us to be able to be out there or not.  I did feel pretty alone though.  Knowing a majority of your family is now a 12 hr ride away.  Jason was able to drive John and Jade’s car out to CO for them (Jade’s parents were able to get her and Aza and plane flight!  Woot!) so he left that night as well.  We decided if he was going to be out there for him to take a couple of days to get the lay of the land, visit the church and have a better idea of what moving out to Colorado would look like for our family.  Thursday night when I said goodbye to John and Jason and Friday morning when I took Jade and Aza to the airport, I was left feeling pretty small and alone.  Outwardly I handled it pretty well, only a few tears, but my heart was lonely.  While my family means a lot to me, I know we are here on earth for a bigger purpose to see God’s kingdom advanced.  As a mom of young children though, it is hard to be so far away.  And with Jason leaving at the same time for several days… there was an ache in my heart.  Not to mention that I am not a big fan of “single parenting” (I realize I have NO idea what it would be like for real!) and it was going to be a long and exhausting next several days.

Then comes Friday morning and I was hanging out with some friends and  Sarah asked me if she and Jonathan could come over for a couple of hrs this weekend to watch the kids so I could get some time out of the house on my own.  Wow!  Talk about serving in a practical way!  I didn’t even do anything exciting, but going to HyVee and Walmart by myself was wonderful!  Then I get invited to Nathan and Rachel’s house for dinner on Saturday night.  I was totally planning to bring our own food and just enjoy some grown up talk while the kids ate.  But they said they wanted to cook and have us over.  Then, as I’m walking through Walmart, I realize I had a missed message.  I started listening to it and it was our friend’s Dan and Wendy Bovenmyer.  Dan left a message saying they were available if we needed ANYTHING! (even if Johnny needed someone to play ball with!) and to call with whatever they could do.  I nearly started crying right there in front of the oranges. 🙂  And last but not least, I’m sitting here working on my blog and my friends Mike and Alicia said they would like to deliver coffee on Sunday am and stay for a grown up chat!  Talk about family!  I know and love these people, have labored along side them for many many years and still they blow me out of the water with how much they are going out of their way to love and serve myself and the kids this weekend. Truly, God has blessed me with two familes.  One through my biological family and one through my church family.  You guys rock!  Thanks for thinking of me and taking care of us!  You have blessed me so much!