And after:

As you can see, I totally didn’t not empty my pantry and freezer in this challange, but I did make a lot of progress in thinning out my stash.   I’m still learning. 🙂  I read of a few ppl who made up entirely new recipes based on what they already had.   I’m not that good.  But I did get to use up a lot of veggies that I had from this summer from our garden and I now am completely aware of what I have stored up.  And I was able to use that knowledge for my cooking/freezer day today.  I used up more frozen zucchini, pasta, frozen tomatoes and canned pumpkin.  I DID end up saving about $30-$40 in our food budget for January so…yeah!!! That was exciting!  I’m hoping after making about 14 dinners today  for this next month that we are able to save some cash as well.  I plan to write about today and post pics of my food later today or tomorrow!