I’m a fanatic about actual dates of events.  Valentines Day should be celebrated on Feb 14th, Anniversaries are VERY important and birthdays should be AWESOME all day long!

For whatever reason though, I think God is wanting me to be  flexible on this.  Since we have been married (5 years!  woo hoo!) Jason has had a GCLI conference about 3 of those years on  my birthday.  Seriously!?!  Yes!  I think I cried the first year and I hope that someone who is a higher up will start scheduling those conferences later in March. 🙂  And as I type this we are finalizing details for Jason to help my brother and sister in law drive their stuff to Colorado, wanna know what weekend he is going?  Valentines Day!  Geesh. (I am very glad he gets to go though!)  Last weekend we got to go away on our actual anniversary!  Not something we had specifically planned, it just worked out that way.   I remember a few years ago my mom and dad saying something that if they took a  special trip within the YEAR of their anniversary… it counted as an anniversary trip! NO WAY MAN!  A  week tops for me!   But then again- it was humorous  to me this year that neither Jason or I had our cards ready for each other on our actual anniversary.  So we decided “within the week” was ok.  Sounds like a slippery slope to me, right? 🙂

Then it got me thinking that we know a couple that doesn’t even pay attention to dates/months ect.  Life just comes and goes.  It made me wonder if I am the only one like this?  I think not.  But maybe I’m not as “normal” as I might hope. 🙂 Maybe it is the part of me that likes surprises and how I always like to look ahead to something.  I don’t know… any reason to go out dinner!  But I’m guessing that as we continue down this road called “life” – kids, sickness, conferences, ect might slow me down a bit and try to make me a little more flexible when it comes to celebrating certain days…  we’ll see.

And just in case you are wondering… my honey sent me a text this am (once we knew he would for sure be gone on Valenties Day) that said “I will make sure you feel special and loved that day”  so I think he has everything under control. 🙂