or calories.

YUCK!  That my friends is one pound of fat.  Pretty nasty stuff.  I weighed in this morning and I am down 3 lbs in 11 days!  And that is with eating out 6 meals in a row this weekend with my honey on our 5 year anniversary trip!  I really tried so hard to cut my food in half and not scack!  And it paid off!  I was on top of the world this morning when I weighed in.  And THEN realized I had 7 more pounds to go to my goal.  Seems like so far away and I am tired of waiting and tired of feeling hungry. (I know..really Leah?  It has only been 11 days!  Seems like forever!)  But then the image popped into my head of what an actual pound of fat would look like and how I had lost three of them and I really want to get rid of the next 7!  So I am back at it and motivated again!  I also talked to my friend Alicia this last weekend on portion sizes.  I am hoping she will gues post for me on some good tips/tricks that she uses as a dietician to make this a lasting change for me!  Hang in there with me as I might just have to keep posting pictures like the one above so I stay motivated! 🙂