Yep, you guessed it, public speaking.  I have no idea how this all started.  But way back when, I participated in a homeschooling extravaganza and half way through my presentation I just lost it.  I started crying right there.  Yes I was nervous… but seriously, crying? What good would that do?  Well, fast forward to my first speech in public school in 9th grade, I got half way through that speech and started with the tears again.  Grrr.  Somehow I made it through that class in one piece, but I never EVER wanted to do anything like that again.

Then came my college years.  (No, I didn’t go to college, but all my friends were in college and I did college ministry with my church.  I was working full time and buying a house at 19 yrs old, but I still refer to those years as my college years. 🙂  Anyhow, through a long series of events I realized that I had a sense of humor and thank you to Amanda for laughing at my jokes and Nathan and Matt for teaching me one-liners I decided that I kind of enjoyed getting people to laugh.  And while I am not hilarious in an sort of way, I can crack a smile or two if I try.  I quickly found out my friends, that humor  involves speaking OUT LOUD  in front of people.  Ok… I can do that in small crowds.  Nothing formal, I just don’t shy from speaking up from time to time.  I also was a part of the worship team at The Rock for a while.  I still find it ironic how much I enjoyed singing in front of everyone.  But I didn’t have to talk!  And I was with 7 other people so I wasn’t alone.

Which brings me to last fall. My neighbor and friend Shari asked Sarah (I seriosly blog about you a lot Sarah!  And I can’t get the link to work today) if we would be interested in speaking at Parkview Church in the spring of 2010 for their mom’s group.  Sarah focusing on green living and me focusing on deals/bargain hunting.  I said sure!  5 months later….. I have no idea why I did that.  I still am not a fan of 50-100 people staring at me (although having Sarah standing by me will help) and while bargain shopping is fun for me, I doubt I am going to find much humor = I will be nervous if I’m not making people laugh!  And third, I am just not all that great at deal finding.  Seriously I’m not.  I would like to think that I am skilled at it, but most of the time it is by chance (or the Lord providing!  last week I bought 21 BRAND NEW maternity shirts/dresses at Old Navy for $.97 each!  Hello flipping my money!) that I am in the right place at the right time.  I just keep my eyes open all the time.  If I go to HyVee for milk, I scan the add while I walk. And I walk along the back clearance racks as well.  Those types of things.

I have about 5 weeks to go to put my little talk together… maybe I should sign off and go work on my outline. 🙂

Until next time-