No, it is not my birthday….. YET. 🙂  Come March 8th, 2010 I will be turning 28 years old!  Wow… time flies.

Anyhow, I’m finding myself not extraodinarly happy with my weight this year.  Sure I lost most of my baby weight from Johnny but I am in this funk of “We are not quite done having kids” so I’ve been lacking motivation to get back to the grind.  I am still working out 3 times a week and we are eating fairly healthy.  But as far as buckling down and loosing those last few pounds…. well, you know.  Anyhow, my friend Sarah (I did it Sarah!  Thanks for the help!!!) was telling a few of us girls that she is down to her weight that she was when she got married. And it got me thinking.  And planning.  And WANTING to be in that same boat.  So ladies and gentlemen…. call this my “late” new years resolution, but I am giving myself the gift of “10 fewer lbs” this year for my birthday!  I started this last weekend and day 5 I am still going strong.  I have no idea what has clicked in my head that is different from previous dieting attempts.  But this has clicked, I am a motivated momma and I am WELL (ok, 1 lb 🙂 on my way.  I have 6-7 weeks left to loose another 9 lbs.  I will not quite be down to my pre-marriage weight…. but getting quite close.  I have decided that the biggest thing that gets me into trouble in this entire area is portion control.  I just have no idea how to know what is best.  Eyeballing it DOES NOT work.  And then also I hate the feeling of an empty/grumbling stomach.  Drives me nuts, I get irritated and struggle to focus on anything.  However,  I’m finding (as I did when I did with weight watchers back in the day) that that feeling of being hungry is ok.  I’m not dying, in fact I am doing my body a favor by getting rid of excess calories.

Now, I am posting this out in the open because I hope to keep you all updated on my progress and I know that come my birthday I will have to come to grips with the consequences of not finishing what I started if I don’t make it.  So Happy 28th Birthday to me!  Looking forward to welcoming this new year with 10 fewer lbs!

*Ironic how I posted pictures of cupcakes for my birthday picture… when in reality it should have been a bunch of candles in a large bowl of flax seed!  HAHA! 🙂