I am old.  I really am.  Today I am feeling every one of my 27.8 years of age.

I remember when I was little my parents or their friends saying “back in the day I wore _____ and now it is back in style!”  And I would sit there and wonder how they could be so old!  Well, my friends.  Today is the day.  I ventured out into the world of side pony tails. 🙂  And while I personally think it is MUCH cuter with some teasing and serious hair spray, I never dreamed that I would say “I did that when I was little” and to have it back in style.  Wow.  (I know… some of you are wondering if side pony tails are back in style…. I have no idea.  But my very fashion savvy little sister pulls it off, so if I stick to copying her I hope to stay “in the loop” 🙂

For those of you requesting a picture, here you go.  Sorry for the bad photography, I attempted to use my self timer on my camera for the first time. 🙂

I have not ventured into the world of skinny jeans (I swore I would not! But I said the same thing about capris a few years ago) but I am not writing them off completely.  Unless of course they are skinny, high rise and stonewashed.  Then I just refuse. 🙂