“One gives freely, yet grows all the richer, another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want.  Whoever brings blessing will be enriched and one who waters will himself be watered.” – Proverbs 11:25

Sometimes I find that even “horrific” news can become old news to people….even in a matter of days.  It seems everywhere I turn someone is posting/tweeting/facebooking about how to help Haiti.  I am finding that I am becoming hardened to the situation and just wishing people would move on.  But then, how does one who looses everything move on?  I have tried a few times to put myself in a mom’s position over there and wondered what I would do if I lost everything.  And not only me, but the friends/family/neighbors who I would turn to for help woud be in the exact same situation.  How I would be desperate to feed and take care of my children….I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

Jason and I were talking last night about what we could do to help.  And while we have our “Giving” envelope, that just didn’t seem like much.  I could just take the cash out and donate it and I wouldn’t have inconvenienced my life in one bit.  That money is to give away, it is just a matter of “where” each month.  We had an unexpected $8 that also was available… but really, it wasn’t mine in the first place.  Then God brought to mind my “I’m saving for a key code garage door opener” change jar…. my baby. 🙂

Oh man.  Hot spot!!!! 🙂  I have been saving and saving for my keyless entry into our garage for nearly a yearr now.  And things keep coming up.  I have no idea what came up last summer (I can’t remember!)…. I think I just didn’t have the $35 in change to make the purchase. And our house fund each month was drained so there was no extra.  Then in the fall/winter we did the drive for Samartin’s Purse with the kids to purchase a gift for children in need.  But recently I began to throw all my spare change back into my jar and it was growing.  In fact I was willing to bet that I had the $35 needed for my purchase…. but it had been so cold and most likely we wouldn’t be outside much.  So I could hold off for a month or two to get it….right?  And then Haiti happened and God said “Leah, would you give your jar of change?”  Wow… that was hard to hear.  But thankfully I had a cheerful heart about it and haven’t thought twice giving it away.  In fact when I took the jar to the bank this am they deposited all the change and there was $45!  Now, again, $45 isn’t all that much, but it is a drop in a bucket and buckets of water are made up of lots and lots of drops.  I am praying that my $45 (plus the giving envelope and $8) will amount to much in the kingdom of God.  Here’s to sending treasures on ahead and starting over to fill my coin jar for my keyless garage door opener. 🙂