Could you hack it?

Not spend a single dime for 7 straight days?

I had a friend mention the concept  to me yesterday and since then I haven’t stopped thinking about the concept.  Not that I need to… but could I.  No gas for the car, no last min grocery run, no Q-Tips from Walmart, no drive through latte and no red box rental.  Hmmmm.  I must say, I am a deal finder.  I enjoy a great find, but I usually don’t drive all over town to get one thing.  Now, I might combine errands (IE running to the chiro, so I will hit Aldi as well, ect).  But there is something in me that loves to spend money on a good deal.  Even if it is $.47 for 5 greeting cards…. I love it!  So that is why this seems like it could be a challange for me.  No looking at an ad, nothing.  Wow.  I told Jason about it last night hoping he would say “Why would we do that?”  But instead he said, “I think we should try it!”  Ok.  So, we have to figure out when we are going to do this.  This week is our date night (which we already have dinner plans) and next week is our anniversary trip, so I fully intend to spend some my hard earned daycare money that I saved last year on our weekend away. 🙂  But maybe after that.  But then we hit Valentines Day and my birthday… so we will have to plan ahead here.  Stay tuned… I hope to blog a play by play once we decide when it is a go.