The blog that I read (Money Saving Mom) that inspired the once a month cooking day is hosting something a little different for the month of Jan.  She is challenging herself and her readers to eat from the pantry/freezer for a month and use extra $$ left over in your food budget and donate it to charity.  Initially I hated the idea (I’m a saver so I like having a stocked pantry and freezer) but the more I thought about it (and read someone else had the idea to think of it as an adventure) I’m warming up to it.  I don’t think we will get an entire month of meals out of our pantry and freezer, but I just wrote down food for 8 days and I only have about 4 things on my list.  So that is a start.  And due to my wonderful ability to lose things at the mall (phone two weeks ago and key to the van last week) any extra cash this month will most likely be going towards getting a new key to our van.  Gone are the days for a $2 key at Walmart. 😦

Anyway, if nothing else, this experiment/adventure led to me cleaning/clearing/organizing the pantry and freezer.  A job I never like doing and yet once it is done I feel so good.  I was able to condense several items, throw out old and expired food and combine the three bags of opened powdered sugar that I had. 🙂 So everything is organized and most items on the list of food to use over the next month.  We shall see how this goes. I really was looking forward to another month long freezer/crock pot month, but I also like variety. Cheers to FINALLY (hopefully!) using up all the diced and shredded zucchini from my gardent his summer!