I’m not. 🙂

However, I realized that the “tweener” stage of pregnancy is scary ground for me.  What I’m talking about is when your lil’ peanut looks like this:

I understand that every woman has to go through this awkward stage of pregnancy and you don’t look pregnant for what seems like forever!  Ok, that was just the first one for me… 12 weeks for John Boy and you could tell I was prego. 🙂

I find it terribly awkward to know someone is pregnant and then not see or hear from them for a long time.  Like a situation I just experienced this last week.  I saw an old friend who announced that they were pregnant not long ago- but it was via the internet.  How in the world am I supposed to know if they are still pregnant???  Of course I would like to assume that they are, but so many people I know have had problems, miscarriages, ect and I have felt like a jerk “So… how are you feeling” – only for them to tell me that they are not pregnant anymore.   However, I completely ignorned the fact that this friend was pregnant and just smiled and went on my way… talk about being a jerk.

Seriously, which is the lessor of two evils?  Anybody else struggle with this?  Tips? Tricks of how not to insert foot into mouth?