The first picture is what I pulled out of the freezer last Thursday am.  The 2nd picture is what I dumped into a greased 9×13 pan and cooked for 45 min that night. Perfecto.  Our frozen spinach/ground beef/ground turkey mini meatloafs were a hit! I made up a double batch of meatloaf and then froze them in balls in a muffin tin for about an hr or so.  Then I put them into a freezer bag so I could pull out how many I wanted each night.  I actually ended up just pulling them all out and we ate them two nights in a row.  Love it!

I really did enjoy the result of my freezer/baking day in November.  And I would totally do it again this month, but between closing up Kandela, a Christmas cookie exchange, hosting a Gift Wrapping Party, Hosting my brother’s graduation open house, hosting 2 Christmases and then Faithwalkers, I’m struggling to find the time and energy that I need to put together a plan for the month.  Then to make a list and do the actual cooking… I’m thinking it might be a crock pot month + a lot of easy dinners.  Fareway has bone in chicken on sale this week for $.99lb so I think we will have spagetti and baked chicken quite often in the next few weeks.  I’m ok with that though and I don’t think I will hear any complaints from my family. 🙂  I’m hoping to get started on a list/plan later this month for Jan so when the time comes I will be ready to jump in.  Or maybe I will save that list planning time for the drive to and from Faithwalkers.