I told myself it wouldn’t happen.

But it did.

Much to my chagrin.

I bought another snowman. 🙂

Some of you might remember last winter when I posted about how I was turning into a mom and how I was accumulating a snowman collection.  Now at the time, I only had two… so this one makes a 3rd.  But I am not sure how I am going to do this.  I told myself I wouldn’t buy anymore.  But it was at stuff and it was so cute and it was only $3 so I bought it.  It is a candle holder and I imagined on of my Kandela candles it it… and I LOVE it. 🙂 (The shadow makes it look a little funny, it is just one solid piece of iron)

And here are my other snowmen that I have in my house… although the mug might be going shortly, I’m not so much a fan this year.


Anyway, my dilema is this:  I am not a collector of things and I am in NO way a pack rat.  I am constantly sorting/organizing/flipping or selling stuff that we don’t regularly use.  But with the snowmen in the winter… I think I might like to ‘collect’ them… sort… of.  *GULP* I have no idea.  I am very picky about which ones I like and to be honest, about 95% of them make me think “Who likes that sort of thing” – but then there is one every once and a while that catches my eye and the rest is history.  So, if I collect a snowman every year… by the time I am 80 I will have 56 of them.  And then people will start “adding” to my collection when I am old and they can’t think of a gift for me. 🙂  AAAHHH! What is a girl to do????

And seriously, all you ladies out there who are thinking you are going to gag gift me a snowman…. I know who you are. 🙂