This past year was what I consider my first real attempt at growing a garden and a few other things.  I had tried my hand at a garden two years ago, but everything died except for the zucchini so I don’t really count that.  But this year we had  a small garden and we put tomato plants in our front yard.  Along with all of that, I planted 2 blueberry bushes, 4 raspberry plants (only two survived 🙂 and I planted about 24 strawberry plants.   I did fairly well with the veggies (although I hope to do much better next year)!  The fruit bushes/plants didn’t (were not supposed to) produce this year- so I am excited to see my hard work pay off next summer!  Especially for the strawberries, they look AWESOME!!

Spring '09- the strawberry patch


Fall '09 - the strawberry patch that has spread!!

Yeah for ‘organic’ food!!!