Here are two pics of 73 candles in my kitchen.  Although the photo does not do justice the absolute tornado that went through my kitchen.  The first pic is just a handful of them in the final stage of drying and waiting for the bows/labels to be added.  As you can see, this is no where near 73 candles, but I have them stashed all over my house in piles to keep everyone’s orders straight.  They are on the fireplace, my dresser, our bed, the piano, the kitchen table and on the counter.  Whew!

And then this second picture is of them when they are drying.  Jason built me two wood holders so I could slide the candle with the hot wax under and then tape the wick up so it would dry straight.  Pretty amazing, huh?  Again, I was getting near the end with all of this when I took these pictures, everyting looks under control (although in the bottom picutre the dishwasher was open and I was trying to clear dishes so I could have more than a 1×1″ of counter space to work with.  We had dinner last night and there was no room anywhere in our kitchen, so the hot casserole (thank you freezer meals!) was put at Jason’s dinner spot and he ate around it. 🙂  You think I’m kidding. 🙂  But I poured the final 6 this morning and I’m D-O-N-E until after Thanksgiving.  Looking forward to a little break.