One of THE biggest reasons I blog is that I like comments.  I admit it, I’m selfish.  So many other people blog to keep a record of their lives or to encourage others or as a place to vent.  I really don’t use my blog for any of these.  I like making people laugh, I love getting a reaction out of people (mostly good ones 🙂 And somehow over the past few years (either to my diminishing blog reader #’s or my lack of sense of humor), not nearly as many comments were flying. So… I started “not blogging” about every topic that came across my head at 10 pm and I found that the break was nice.  But a few times I’ve thought “Gee, I should write about ____” but it just hadn’t happened yet.  And then my friend Sarah (sorry friend, I would link your blog, but I have no idea how to do that 🙂 told me I should start blogging again.  I found myself with 10 extra min at nap time today, so here I am. 🙂

Here are a few of the top happenings at the Rohlf house:

I currently have 73 candles poured in the last few days sitting in my kitchen… I don’t like messy or clutter kitchens, it stresses me out 🙂  But we are saving for some new (used!) furntiture in the future, so I keep trying to imagine my nasty little loveseat outa here. 🙂  And we’ve decided that any extra money that I earn this season with Kandela will go into an adoption fund so we can have some $$ if/when the time comes that we would like to pursue adopting a little one.

John Boy- the kid poops a LOT and does not sleep much.  Seriously, he has been teething (only 8 left!) like crazy, but the kid will not sleep very well.  It is nothing like my friend (Sarah 🙂 above 🙂 but we’ve cut out Johnny’s mornng nap and pushed his beadtime back a good 30-45 min and the kid still wakes up between 5:30 and 6:30 am every day. There have been a few good mornings, but then nights like  last night he was up 2 different times crying, but then will go back to sleep.  And today at his nap, he woke up after an hr crying, I went in and patted his bottom and he went back to sleep (hense this blog entry:)

Belle- my baby is turning 4 next week!  I can hardly believe it!  Every day she is showing us more and more how much she is growing up.  She has started asking if she can help with anything at dinner time (still not all the helpful, but I am trying to slow down and teach her things along the way) and she loves to help her brother- they are the best of friends and the worst of friends at this point in their lives. And their relationships can turn on a dime around here.  One min they are laughing and running, the next there are screams and pulling hair and pushing… geesh!  It is nice that they are playing more together (I can hardly wait for Johnny to start talking so they can talk together!) but my goodness do they get in arguments like every other min.  Keeps this momma on her toes 🙂

And I did a cooking/baking/freezer day.  I do have an extra freezer in the garage,  but Money Saving Mom (who inspired me) cooked for her family of 5 in their little freezer above the fridge!  It can be done!  I’ve had freezer meals the last couple of nights (I’ve been busy pouring 73 candles!) and I’ll tell you what- the stress of that day was gone in an instant as the meals have been such a blessing to just pull out, thaw and heat.  Wow… I’m TOTALLY doing this again next month! (I only did about 1/3 freezer meals, with 1/3 crock pot meals and 1/3 normal cooking) but I’m hoping in Dec to do 1/2 freezer, 1/2 crock pot.  I hope to post more about how I did things/ what I would change for next time/what to do with the kids, ect in a later post.

The kids just woke up!  I’m out.