Well, minus the printer that I got for $5 that I just threw in the trash…(it sat out in the rain- someone was supposed to come get it) I was able to get rid of everything I purchased over the summer.  Most things sold on Craigslist- a few (that I learned did not sell well) went to Stuff Ect.  And I just went there and I had $$ in my account to cover the costs of those items I could not flip on Craigslist.  Those 5-10 items I considered a wash.

I tallied up everything that I spent/earned over the summer and including my $60 mistake (on a tool!  never doing that again!) I almost made it to doubling my $.  I think the final percentage was like 1.94%.  I am pretty happy to say the least… especially that my intial $100 turned into me spending almost $400 over the summer which means that I ended up with nearly $800 total at the end of all of this!  I just enjoyed it so much that I kept garage saling each weekend (and the garage sales here seem to go on and on and on!)  After tithing on my profits I was able to pay for part of our IPOD and we are saving up for our 5 year aniiversary trip coming up in Jan!

I plan to flip stuff again next summer, especially honing in on the items that I found sold the most.  Kids toys/stuff!  It is amazing what people will spend on their kids!  And how much people are willing to get rid of at rock bottom prices to get their basements/garages back!  I think I sold about 25 Little Tike items and around 6 exersaucers! However, I am glad for the break this fall and winter- but I’m guessing I will be ready to start wheeling and dealing come Feb! 🙂