As long as I can remember, I’ve always been told that I look like my mom.  So much so, that in high school people thought my mom and I were sisters.  And I can see why, she looks young and in no way has a “mom body” :).  It never really bothered me that much that I looked like my mom.  (‘m hoping to follow in my mother’s footsteps and at 48 years old and a grandma look like I’m 37.5! 🙂 I was just re-reminded of it again this week as a friend said, “Wow, you look like your mom!”  Maybe it is that as a teenager being told that you look like someone 22 years older is not quite the “hot” factor you were going for when you were getting read that morning.  But there is something about babies/kids/teens looking like the members of the family that people feel inclined to comment on.  And I’m finding I’m the same way.  I saw my niece for the first time this week up close and said “Wow, Jade, she looks just like you!” Like it would be much different. 🙂  AND recently (after years of “She looks like her daddy!”) people have started to say that Belle looks like me.    I wonder what she is going to think about that.  If she will shrug it off or be glad that she has these genes! 😉  We will see….