GASP! I can hardly believe I’m writing these words, but I thought them two days ago, said them out loud to Jason yesterday and today I am still feeling the same way.  About coupons and bargains that is.  I had actually read on one of the blogs a few months ago about someone asking if that particular  mom had ever got tired of finding/going after great deals.  And she said yes and that she recomended that every few months you take some time off of couponing or bargain hunting.  I didn’t think much of it at the time and honestly thought I probably wouldn’t get there.  But I have.  Coupons have lost their luster, flipping stuff on Craigslist has become a hassle and the thought of using mental energy to put together coupons to score great deals is a no go.  So I think I have reached that point of burn out.  I’m not sure how long I will take off or what exactly it will look like.  For example, there is a sweet deal at Walgreens today with kleenex, paired with a sale and a coupon that I plan to go get tonight.  But I think I’m going to give myself the wiggle room to let some deals slide by and know that whever I do pick it up again, there will be sweet deals then as well.  As for my Craigslist flips, I have a post coming soon.  I need about 2-3 more weeks to get some winter stuff sold and then I can post the offical results.  (And yes, now that I have the cash from those flips in an envelope for our 5th Anniversary trip, I”m excited, but the thought of doing more at this point… no thanks)