Jason and I are in discussion right now about the possibility of purchasing a video camera in the near future.  (Most likely it would be bought with our Christmas money and I say it is totally unromantic! 🙂  Our first camera that we got for our wedding had a small video option so up to this point we have just taken several 15-30 second vidoes of the kids.  It has worked out great, but the camera is on the fritz so we are now faced with this new dilema. We both have enjoyed  taking/watching videos of the kids .  However, my home vidoes of me as a kid are something I would be ok with never seeing again. Sure the videos are cute of kids when they are smaller- but most of the videos of me personally are in that awkward tween stage and several embarrassing moments are on camera.  The time I wouldn’t jump off the dock into a foot of water, the time I was trying to jump rope and I started farting (yes that really happened!) and the time we put on a play about the pilgrims and I was the cheif Native American  and I was trying to speak in some sort of dialect that was terrible!   Needless to say, I really have no desire to capture my kids on camera… when they are older that is. 🙂  But these little things like talking, walking, singing ect I do!  Then there is my husband who has absolutely no home videos, however, this man has a photo album for every year of his life… and that is no joke. 🙂  Jason and I are both big photography buffs so our kids will have plenty of documentation of their lives, but he wants to give them the home movie part… I on the other hand am a little shy.  I think if we were just given the $$ for the video camera I might be a little more eager to make this happen, but to put all my Christmas cash towards a gift I’m not so sure of…. well, I need to think this through.  Anybody else have any embarrasing home movie stories?