I had posted a while back on my facebook status asking people if they were completely capable of accomplishing a task that was rewarded with $100- how much time would they be willing to invest?  The answers I think ranged from 1-5 hours.

At the end of June- it was June 30th I think, we went to HyVee on the strip at about 6:15pm for a few items.  We walked in the door and saw a sign that said “Open and account with Bank of the West and we will give you $100!”  Now, I don’t know about you, but $100 is still a very big deal in our lives, especially when it comes all at once and doesn’t need to go in the budget. 🙂  So I went and ask the lady what the catch was.  She said 1) The deal ended that day when the bank closed – in about 35min and 2) we needed to have at least 10 online bill pays go through that account in 60 days to “qualify” for the $100.  So, Jason and I talked about it while we picked up our few items and ended up deciding we would give it a try.  Jason stayed there to get the account set up while I ran the last errand with the kids. It took him about 30 min to get it all in place and we picked him up and all came home.  We went through all of our bills and I decided even if it took 1 or 2 hours of my time over the next 2 months paying our online bills from a different account and then changing back, it would still be very good $ for my time.  Besides, at this point, we had only invested about  30 min.

Later that night,  I had a brilliant beyond brilliant idea- how to do this a different way.  We called and asked if there were any min. amounts of what had to pay, they said there was no min. amount of each online bill pay, but just that there had to be 10 of them.  So my dear readers, know what we did?  We logged on to the bank account, took our BP bill (that we pay off each month) and scheduled 10 payments.  The first 9 payments were $10 each and then the 10th payment was the remaining amount of the bill and we scheduled it all to happen on 10 different days and they all just cleared on the 7th of Aug.  🙂  That task of setting up all those bill pays took Jason about 15 or 20 min one afternoon.  We called the bank yesterday once everything had cleared and they said we had met the qualifications and our $100 should be deposited within in the next 30 days.  My plan at that point is to close down the account and be done with it all- but overall, I’m pretty happy with our on the fly decision and hopefully with this $100 and a few other creative ideas for the month of Aug- we will write our very last check to pay off the van!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. I have to say that I personally did try to pay another bill with the 10 bill pays, but I did it incorecctly (I tried paying from the bill site, and we had to log onto the bank site and pay directly out of there) so they didn’t count.  I had probably invested about 20 min total of my time over those few days try that route.  But the bank called us and told us we were doing it wrong 🙂  Thanks for the heads up. So, I total, I think we spent about 1 – 1 1/2 hrs on this venture. 🙂