It is strange but true.  My dad had one rule growing up.  He never wanted the house to be rid of mayo or peanut butter.  I know that he enjoys both of those condiments, but I am still not sure why exactly that was so bad.  In fact, I always thought it was a little weird.

Somewhere along the way, I somehow developed my own rule.  We can never, ever, ever run out of bananas.  HA! As I write this I’m thinking, “She is crazy!”  I like to eat a banana every day and if there is not one waiting for me, I get this urge to go grocery shopping.  Like today, the bananas are all brown (another rule of mine, only eat them yellow or slighly brown) but we have apples, grapes and some strawberries in the fridge.  And I still thought “We should run to the store today!”  Do I “need” them, NO!  Do I “NEED” them?  YES!!!!!!!!  You can ask Sarah and Rachel (the three of us often call the others to see if they need any groceries if we are out), very often I will say, bananas please!  When we used to live over in Iowa City, HyVee was across the street.  I can’t tell you how often I would take Belle for a walk over to HyVee, purchase 2 bananas for the day and walk home. 🙂  Too bad there are not any grocery stores within walking distance, pretty sure I would help boost their banana sales. 🙂