They say that you can’t compare your kids to eachother.  And yet on the other hand, part of me things, “Well, I had one kid, I know what is going on here…”  I think each of those statements is correct… in its own sort of way.  There is something to be said for already having had a baby, you know that you as their mom can figure it out, you know you will survive the sleep deprived state, you know that all those hard lined rules you had the first time… well, your kid will probably turn out ok with or without a passifyer.  But now having two kids, I’m realizing how much is different as well.  Belle has always been shy and taken so long to warm up to people.  But Johnny, well, he might be shy when someone walks into the room, but he is our little social butterfly.  He loves people, starts yelling when someone is at the door and will walk up to a complete stranger just to say hi.  With sleeping, we let Belle cry it out… hard core when she was a baby.  It was rough for several months, but then when she was six months old…. for like a year and half the kid slept 12 hours straight a night.  Wonderful! Then with Johnny, we decided to do some different things a night with feedings.  Waiting until he was 6 months old to even try to cry it out and then when he did, we comforted him some.  Well, now we have a 13 month old son who still does not sleep through the night.  Last week we just cut out his 5am feeding so he is not nursing anymore… but man… will this kid ever sleep?  And my newest “difference” between the two?  Teething.  I never understood what moms would talk/complain about with teething and their kids.  Belle was never even all that cranky when she was teething.  Sure she was fussy and I was guessing what was going on… but overall, not a bad experience.  John Boy has been an entire different story all together.  The kids will cry, keep his fingers in his mouth, tug at his ears and have a fever for like a month before a tooth will even pop through.  And then, the “pair or second” tooth that usually comes right along is another two weeks out.  I remember a nurse who warned me of “teething poop” (explosive stools) again- I thought people just made this stuff up.  But my child has so many dirty diapers during the day.  They are all over the place and he is living with almost constant diaper rash.  My friend calls it “teething poop that burns your butt” and I’m convinced the little guys is in that boat right now.  We’ve been going at it a good 3 weeks now and still no sign of any more teeth.  The child only has 6 teeth popped through…. I have a feeling this is going to be a long year ahead of us as he gets the rest of them. Until then, cheers to IB profen, lots of baths, no diaper time, Destatin and Oragel. 🙂