Quite a title, huh? 🙂

Well, I thought I would give ya’ll a little update of my mission for the summer.  Shortly after I posted my first blog entry on this idea, man… I was on a roll!  First, I sold that stroller for $15 that I had only spent $1.  That following week was Coralville trash days and I happened upon a turtle sandbox and exercauser, both filthy, but in great condition otherwise.  Belle and I spent some quality time with some good ol’ dawn soap and the house and had them fixed up in no time.  I sold both of those for $20 each, upping my total pot to $55.  I was pretty excited, I was able to purchase a new (used!) double stroller- much nicer than ours (the wheel was giving me fits, it was huge and bulky and didn’t fold down very well- but it served us well) and I would probably still have it to this day had I not sold that other stuff and had cash to pay for it.  Anyway, the bummer part, is that I don’t have that cash to show for my work, just a nicer double stroller. 🙂  But since then I have had some great finds, a John Deere cake pan- bought for $5, sold for $15 and a never used/still in the box Pampered Chef ice cream sandwich maker for $.25!  Sold that last week for $8!  Woo hoo!

However, not everything has been that bright. 🙂  I bought a mower for $5 that they said “It stopped working while we were mowing and we just went out and bought a new one”- so I called Jason, brought it home and we quickly found out it had an oil leak… bummer.  However, someone is supposed to come tonight and get the mower for $5- so I’m hoping we will just be out the $2.29 for the  oil.  And then a bike trailor (pull behind) that didn’t have a hitch.  I bought that for $15, but then just sold it for $15 cause it wasn’t worth the work.  The guy I bought it from said “yeah, just go online and they have the piece you need for $10” – turns out it wasn’t so easy.  So, moral of those stories, I’ve decided not to buy anything that is broke unless I know for SURE, that I can fix it.

And then there is the stuff that I am going to sell in the fall, boots- new with tags ($1), snow pants ($1), winter coats ($5) that I know I need to hold onto until it is the right season.

Now, my current question for myself and my hubby is what is my goal here?  Is it to double my money on every sale or is it to make a buck (or $7.75! for the PC item) and see what I can turn.  With much thought and deliberation, I/we have decided that my goal is to double (or sometimes triple) my money, but that I don’t want to get stingy.  I keep thinking “What is a fair price here” even when I got a steal of a deal.  My new goal is just to turn some inventory of some current household items… otherwise, Jason thinks we will have to have our own garage sale in the fall to empty out the house.  🙂 It doesn’t seem worth it to hang onto this stuff, just to make and extra $5 in the end.  So, I feel better now that I have that figured out, I am ok, with making my steal of a deal a great deal for someone else.  I just finished re-listing some of my stuff…. here’s to clearing out the garage! 🙂