In an effort to break away from a seemingly endless cycle, we (the Sokoll fam) have decided to try something different this year for our Christmas gift giving celebration.  In the past few years, each of us kids has drawn a name out of a hat and have been in charge of getting that sibling what they wanted.  Now, when more of us were living at home, it was easier to spy, probe and figure out what something would be that would bless that person.  But since everyone is so spread out now… last year it turned into “what do you want for a gift” and then everyone got what they knew was coming.  I enjoyed getting the gift that I was hoping for, but 20 years down the road, maybe we should have just kept our own money and bought ourselves our own gifts.  But that would be no fun. 🙂  So…. I heard from someone else that they were purchasing all their gift second hand last year and decided to run with the idea.  I pitched it all to my fam, that we could each (either per household or per each adult) bring a $20 (ish) gift that is second hand to the pot and then we we do some sort of game/stealing, ect to end up with the gifts.  Now, I really really like this idea.  Not so much that I am “going green” although- I’m happy about that as well.  But that I can hunt and search all year long for the best second hand gifts and try to get some really good deals.  $20 can take you a long way when you have an entire year devoted to the process. 🙂  Someone else in the family chimed in that they would like it to be second hand OR  a clearance item… so apparently that is a part of the deal now as well.  Anyway, there was this sweet set of Corningware baking dishes clearanced out at Sears this week.  I didn’t buy them, because I had forgot about Christmas! Then last night I realized I could totally have gotten them for $23 and used them as one of our gifts.  Jason had to head to the eye doctor today, so I asked him to see if they were still there.  They were NOT! Bummer.  But now I feel like I’m in gear and I won’t let something like that pass me by again.  This coming weekend is Solon garage sale days… so excited to be on the hunt! 🙂