Quote of the day:

” (Leah) You are like Martha Stewart”


“No, you’re like Martha Stewart on steroids”

Haha!  We met some new friends in the past few months and I had told them that I didn’t inherit any talent like my siblings (inteligence, athletics, a beautiful voice, ect)  but since then, apparently each time we meet, there is something more up my sleeve that they didn’t know about.  IE : pouring candles, making homemade yogurt, building my own flower boxes…. the list goes on… I didn’t think it was that interesting, but that was their statement once they heard about the flower boxes. 🙂  Anyway, since last week I have been noticing how much my mind races, how often Jason comes home and I say the following “I have an idea…” or “I need to sell you on something” and my patience and willing husband will usually go with the idea or at least consider it an option until the next day when I have a newer and more exciting idea. 🙂  I am constantly dreaming, scheming and planning… what can I say.  I’m an entrepreneur  at heart.  Thanks dad!

Anyway,  yesterday I was driving home with the kids and I saw this piece of artwork on the curb of someone in our neighborhood.  I drove by it and thought “Gee, that would look great on the wall when you walk into our house (I’ve wanted something there since we have moved in, but have yet to find the $$ in the budget for that. 🙂 Anyway, I turned the car around, went back and put it in the trunk and came home to my husband waiting in the drive way and I had a huge smile on my face. Oh my!

This is what I found and I quickly told him that we already had cream and gold in our house and that if I could paint the stems brown (paint that we already had in the garage) that I think it would work with what we already have going on in our home.  He agreed that I could try (although I”m not thinking he thought it would all happen today… but you know who my dad is… I like to move fast 🙂  So here is my project:


I know it is hard to see with the paper under it, but basically it was all gold with some cream flowers...

I know it is hard to see with the paper under it, but basically it was all gold with some cream flowers...


Anyway, I painted parts of it brown this afternoon and my wonderfully talented husband hung it for me… just 24 hours after my “amazing” find!  And now when you walk into our home… this is what you will see!