Cell phones and voice mail confuse me.  If you call someone and they don’t answer- should you leave a message?  Every time I have to leave a message, I”m wondering… will they listen to this before they call me back?  Will they just call me back if they see my number?  I tend to do this, if someone calls and doesn’t leave a message, I think “Gee, they called for something, I should find out what it was”- but then Jason said the other night, “No, I’m not going to call them back, they didn’t leave a message.”  And then, I leave a message and someone calls me back and I start talking like they know why I called, then there is this awkward time as I try to figure out if they listened to the message or not.  Or, if I miss a message from a few days ago, the little symbol is on my phone, but then I never know if current calls are leaving a message.  2 days later I check my phone and realize that I have missed 7 messages…. eak!


I think this problem would all be solved if everyone would just convert to texting.