One of the many perks of having your mom live in the same city as you as an adult is your ability to borrow stuff.  I had no idea how many times we borrowed a tool, food, small appliance, car and SHOES until they left town and now I”m left to figure out all of this on my own.  🙂

For real though, I’ve never had decent pair of  black summer shoes/sandals to wear to a wedding or funeral.  I had some that I wore to work (wow…was that really 4 years ago!) but nothing that would work with the little black number that I bought for say… my brother’s wedding.  Thankfully, my mom had these adorable little heeled black shoes that she never seemed to want to wear when I needed them.  So… I’ve never had the need to own my own pair of my own.  Until now.  We are headed to Garner (Jason’s parents) for Easter and then we have 4 weddings to attend this summer and I needed shoes! 🙂  I started looking about a month ago and found nothing!  Granted, I had some tight parameters! 🙂  I wanted some simple, cute, black, adorable, small heel, hot, wide width, ‘make my hubby turn his head’, and fit into my $20 budget kind of shoes… not asking too much… right?  WRONG! 🙂

When I was deep in the thick of things a month or so ago, I was getting so frustrated that I couldn’t find something like what my mom had that I borrowed all those times.  I was telling Jason about it and on our date night that week he took me shoe shopping just so I could figure something out. And lo and behold, we went to Payless that night and he found me a small heeled, black pair of 9 W dress shoes that were $22! Cha ching!  I was so thankful to have something to wear…. but let me be honest- I didn’t like them much.  They were not all that cute in my opinion, they looked more “practical”.  I had talked to Rach about helping me “dress them up a bit”- perhaps a little bedazzling or something?  🙂  Ok, probably not that far, but they needed something!  (We had a plan to spray the with glue out of a spray paint can and roll them in black glitter to give them a bit of a sparkle! 🙂 But they would work just fine and I was thankful that I wouldn’t have to wear my black chaco flips for Easter morning service at the Lutheran church. 🙂

Fast forward to this past weekend.  I was flipping through the Kohls add for this week and there was a pair of black strappy sandals that said “ALSO AVAILABLE IN WIDE WIDTH!” next to them that were on sale for $22 this week!  (*Note, again, not what I was looking for, but a step up from the ones at Payless) I was pumped!  I had kept the receipt with the other pair of shoes just in case I found something different.  We went to Kohls and oh my goodness– spent a good 40 min in there with the shoe salesman as he tried to locate the 9 W shoes.  As I was waiting/looking around I turned the corner and do you know what I found?  THE EXACT PAIR OF SHOES THAT I USED TO BORROW FROM MY MOM!  They were on sale for $29, but they didn’t have any wides on the floor. So I quickly had the man start looking for a 9W in this shoe that I really really wanted!  Long story short- they ended up having a 9W in the store for each pair (that another lady had to find, apparently they guy I was working with didn’t know what he was doing!) Jason and the kids were with me and I was able to try both pairs on and my hubby got to choose which ones he liked better.  Thankfully he picked my favorite pair as well. 🙂  With my 15% discount I think I paid about $26 with tax which is not quite my $20 budget, but pretty close!

All day long, I felt like God was pressing on my heart about how good he is.  And how big he is and how he wants to be a part of my day and just enjoy life with me.  I’m confident he was rejoicing along side of me with the great deal he gave me.  And I don’t think it is chance at all that they happened to have a 9W for me that day.  Now, I know this does not mean that I will always get want I want/hope for.  But it did remind me that our heavenly father enjoys giving us good things.  He desires a relationship with us and loves it when we include him in our day.  This is one of my new favorite psalms:

“Nevertheless, I am continually with you, you hold my right hand.” -psalm 73:23