*Random note.  I was walking through Walmart yesterday near the paint counter and was realizing that it seemed like nothing exciting was happening in my life to blog about.  For those who’ve been reading this blog for a few years now… remember the paint can exploding all over the place with the guys not knowing what he was doing and the pregnant women (me!) sitting on the counter for like 45 min waiting for my paint?  Well, I might just have to dig up some of my old posts so you can catch up!*


Did your mom have a ‘mom look’ that she gave you when you were in trouble?  Sometimes it was accompanied by the “mom voice” but either way, if you saw or heard either option, you knew to cool your jets or someone was in for it!  My mom used to give me the mom look and it drove me nuts!  To this day, I still remember the sinking feeling in my gut every time I would look across the room at her and see her staring back it me.  EAK!  Now that I have kids…. wo-man! the mom look is quite useful! 🙂  I only have a 3 year old, but I’m convinced I have it perfected! 🙂

Little did I know what an effect it could have…. 

(Back to Walmart!)

5 minutes later I’m walking down the baby aisle and Belle was still behind me looking at something on a shelf.  I was attempting to price something out with a coupon I had and somewhere in the distance I heard a guy talking to someone else.  I glanced behind me and Belle was still there and then I was slightly taken back as two grown men were standing in the baby aisle picking out wipes.  (Not that I haven’t seen guys purchase wipes, just a little odd that no moms or babies were in sight!)  The one guy telling a story was getting animated and before I know what is happening I hear him say “And then I was like… WHAT THE  *****!”  

I slowly turned around and THOUGHT  

“I’m sorry…. did you just say that in front of my kids?”

however, I wanted to SAY


but apparently my “MOM LOOK” took care of anything that needed to be said!  This grown man seriously slouched down a good three inches in his boots and quickly apologized twice, backed up his cart and got OUTA THERE! 🙂

Nice to know that all my practice with my kids has payed off! 🙂  Oh, and I should put a big thank you out there to my mom for teaching me all those years ago! 🙂