Ever wonder why Wednesday is designated as senior citizen day?  I mean really, if you are a senior citizen you are probably getting up there in years, but if you want to score all the deals, your gonna have to get up at the crack of dawn to get your discounted breakfast and go hard all day long!  I had never thought twice about it until I was at Stuff this last week on Wed.  They announced that they special of the day was “Senior Citizens get 20% off” or something like that.  And then I realized all the senior citizen discounts are on the same day.  Maybe it is easier for them to remember! 🙂

Aother thing I discovered.  Anybody else completely overwhelmed with the amount of information people try to sell us?  I had checked out three copies of “Health” magazine from the library and as when I got home I scanned the front to see what the “good stories” were going to be.  And then I read the following: 


My first thought was, “Sweet!” Quickly followed by”Wow… I can hardly remember where I left my keys, how in the world am I going to remember the 69 other ways to fight my belly fat when the first two don’t work!” 🙂