For a long period of time I had been hoping/saving/praying for a minivan.  I didn’t care about a lot of things.  However, there were three things I did hope for. 1 ) a GREAT deal! 2) Dual sliding doors (just seems so nice with multiple kids) and 3) tinted windows.  And low and behold, God gave us an amazing deal on a van right before we had to head to MO for Faithwalkers and it had dual sliding doors and tinted windows!  Thank you Lord!  

That brings me to today.  We are sitting in the parking lot of a store and I’m feeding Johnny in the back seat before we leave ( thank you tinted windows!) and there was a car parked right beside us.  All of a sudden a man was getting into his car and promptly hits our van with his door.  And it wasn’t just a bump, it was the kind of impact that would cause me to jump if it was me doing the damange and quickly make sure that I didn’t make a mark on someone’s car.  But this man didn’t even flinch, just got in his car and drove away.  I was like “Seriously? For real, did you just do that with me in the car and not even say sorry or check to see what you did?”  But then I realized that I was in the back seat… where the tinted windows are and he couldn’t even tell I was in the car. By the time I got Johnny put back in his seat and made my way up to the front of the van, he was leaving.   Arg!  I quickly got out of the van and went around to inspect for damage… thankfully there were no scuffs or marks.  But dude, that is not cool.  It makes me wonder how he would have reacted if I had been able to quickly open the door and say “Excuse me!” Hahaha… yeah, that probably would have been great! 🙂

Did I mention that I am thankful for our van? 🙂  I am!  Thank you God and thank you JRR for providing for our family!