Jason and I have (since we have been together) have had this long standing joke that when I am old I am not allowed to wear any sort of holiday sweaters with any sort of bling or decorations on them.  Now, most places that I shop do not have many options for stuff like this… however, I think I’m beginning to find a loophole.  Or two maybe.  

It all started last year after Christmas.  When I was at Menards (don’t ask why I found myself shopping here for good after Christmas clearance items!)  I came home with this wooden sign with a snowman on it that said “Let is Snow”.  I thought the thing was cute and it was like $4 so I bought it.   However, the entire day and next day after I bought it I just kept telling Jason, “I’m old,  Only moms and old people buy stuff with snowmen on them”.  Apparently it didn’t bother me much though as I still have it and I’m displaying it in my front entry way.  🙂  This was my thought though…. I don’t like all snowmen.  Just this one.  I will only have one thing in my house with a snowman and if… IF… I get another one… it will be cute.  Basically warning Jason and myself that I was not ‘in love’ with snowmen and didn’t want one for each holiday/birthday in the coming years.  Then this year happened.  I purchased a snowman mug… again I am very picky here.  But I did and I just used it again this morning.  And know what I bought last week?  Valentines socks…. aaahhh! I am terribly afraid that I am on the most slippery slopes of collecting/receiving holiday and “old” people decorations!  (Really, if you have all these decorations… forgive me for my rant!  I still like you A LOT! and you are probably not that old!) Remember when all of my stuff could fit in my car?  (Well, ok, never.  Cause I bought my first house when I was 19 years old and I provided most of the furniture.)  Anyway, I feel as though my husband should be concerned.  But I keep assuring him that this is not a habit in my life, these things are just special…….. and I am picky…… but seriously.  I am not sure what to do.  At this point, besides Christmas and Valentines Day… I can’t think of any other decorations/outward displays that I would enjoy either to wear for myself or to put in my house.    But then again, if you would have asked me 2 years ago if I would have a snowman sign in my house while sitting on my chair enjoying coffee from my snowman mug while wearing valentines socks?  I probably would have laughed in your face! 🙂  So, love of my life, I still intend to keep my promise of no holiday sweaters…. but I can’t guarantee a nicely decorated turtleneck and matching socks won’t appear somewhere  in the future! 🙂