-As long as I can see/feel the sun- I am not bothered by the amount of snow or the current temp.  Granted it helps that I don’t leave the house much anymore during the day- but as long as the sunshine is pouring in the windows…. I’m a happy camper.

-I ordered by berries the other day for my garden.  I have 60 strawberry plants, 6 raspberry bushes and two dwarf blueberry bushes coming hopefully in April!  And I realize it might be a year or two before I see the “fruit” 🙂 of my labor, but I am willing to wait.  I also scored about 10 packs of seeds last fall from Walmart for $.02 each… so I”m planning and hoping to get a bountiful harvest out of those! I’m so excited to get outside and get fresh air, have time with the kids and have a purpose to our work out in the garden.

-It is not really a new years resolution as much as a “lets get rid of this post baby weight resolution” that I am currently working on.  My my my… it is much easier to have help and support while trying to lose weight.  My wonderful hubby has been doing Weight Watchers (or our own version anyway) with me and I picked up 3 PREVENTION magazines and 4 WEIGHT WATCHER magazines at the library.  Whew!  That is a lot of information.  However, it has been helpful to give my workouts at home sort of a “overhaul”.  I was already walking on the treadmill, but now I do cardio bursts and walk at an incline to burn more calories.  And I was already “attempting” to use some small hand weights to work on my arms and shoulders- but now I lift for 2 seconds and let go for 4 seconds.  Just little things like that… minor adjustments that I hope will make a big difference.  Next time, however, I think I might just pick up 1 or 2 magazines instead of overwhelming myself with 7 of them. 🙂

-I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading/research on antioxidants.  Interesting stuff.

-In light of my antioxidant reading.. I”m attempting to revamp any and all chocolate that I eat to dark chocolate instead.  It really hasn’t been that hard… but then again, I’m only on day 6!

-I was interviewed by the Press Citizen yesterday about my candles.  The story should run next Thursday (Our 4 year anniversary!).  Apparently each Thursday they run a story about someone in the community doing something a “little different” and then list them with all of their favorites.  Favorite food, drink, music and such.  I’ve never seen it before, but I guess I see it next week!

-I made my second version of hummus this week.  Much better than the first.  It is Tahini free and it has black beans and chickpeas… not bad.  And I found a recipe in the Weight Watchers magazine for taking the extra chickpeas and putting a dash of Cayenne Pepper on them and baking them at 400* for 40 min for a crunchy snack… not bad!   (Who am I? 🙂

-Johnny cut his first tooth this week and with that has come “lose stools”  Haha… if you have never experienced this… then buckle up!  I had THE NASTIEST , GREENEST, MOST DENSE  AND POTENT DRIPPING DIAPER this week… and yes you guessed it.  It was in a cloth diaper-AAAHHHHH!  I nearly torched the thing.  But then I tried to imagine a bunch of $1 bills instead of the poop and told myself that we paid hard cash for these diapers and I wouldn’t burn real money… so I should suck it up!  So the diaper got rinsed out and even though I had just done diapers the night before… I did another load of just 4 of them.  I couldn’t stand the smell even with it rinsed out and in  a pail with tons of baking soda! 🙂

-I just vacuumed today for the first time in 3.5 weeks… not something I would recommend.

-Belle got a “Belle” outfit for Christmas last year.  It was way too big for her… so we saved it for this year and she finally fits into it!  Here is a little photo shoot for you! 🙂


"Mom, this is how 'Belle' holds her dress in my picture book"

"Mom, this is how 'Belle' holds her dress in my picture book"






"Mom! Can I call Aunt Jade? I have shoes just like her... with the clicky things!!" (high heels!:)