One thing that we have recently been working with Belle in her life is her ability to “run quietly” while in the house.  I”m guessing the loudness of her running across the living room floor is magnified by the hard wood floor– but even so, we’ve been trying to teach her how to run on her toes instead of her heels.  I find myself telling her this multiple times per day.

So… that leads me to this:

This morning Belle woke up and after about 5 min of being awake, she threw up in the bathroom.  She was standing right by the toilet- just turned to the side so it went all over the floor instead of in the toilet.  She didn’t seem sick, but I realized it had been over a year since she had last thrown up so it was probably a good idea to remind her about a few things.

And finally:

Mom: “Belle, if you need to throw up anymore today, make sure you are not on the carpet.  If you can’t make it to the toilet to throw up, please make sure you are on the hard floors- like the kitchen or the bathroom floors.  But the toilet would be best.”

Belle: “Ok mom.”

*15 min later I”m in the kitchen rinsing dishes and hear the loudest stomps across the kitchen floor*

Mom: “Belle, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” (reference above!)

Belle: “Just making sure the floor is hard in case I throw up.”


Hahahahaha!  Good call lil miss! 🙂