They say that you shouldn’t enter into marriage wanting to “change” your spouse.

They also say that over time, couples will start acting like one another and some couples will eventually physically  look similar by the time they are old.

If I wasn’t married, I would say that someone was incorrect with at least one of those statements.  However, since I am most happily “Mrs. Rohlf”, I understand that both of those statements can indeed be true and at the same time! 🙂  While I think I could write for days about not  trying changing your spouse, this post is going to be about the little things that happen when you are with someone for a period of time.  For example:

Christmas Lights….

When Jason and I first started dating, this was one of those things that we didn’t agree on.  He grew up with white Christmas lights and I grew up with colored Christmas lights.  The only person I knew who had white lights was my grandma.  Now nothing against her, but white lights always seemed “for old people”.  However, our first year of marriage found us with a simple Christmas tree (one that my parents had when I was a baby and I think might still be living on at the Bovenmyers!) and tons of leftover white lights from our wedding.  We went ahead and used the white lights, but we had talked and agreed (or maybe I just assumed that we agreed!) that we would change each year.  White, colored, white, colored, ect.  Especially once our kids were grown, I was convinced that we would let them pick.  (Apparently my mom and her brothers always wanted colored Christmas lights, but my grandparents enjoyed the white ones) so I was determined that kids would probably like the colored ones, so we would use those once they were old enough to remember.  Anyway, we are 4 Christmas’s into our marriage and do you know that we have used white lights every year?  And I have white lights outside on our railing on our deck?  And there is not one single colored bulb in our home?  I”m not even kidding when I say I LOVE WHITE LIGHTS!  I  have no idea how this happened… it just did.  Part of me thinks that maybe they seem more romantic or something, but then I asked Jason a few nights ago and we came up with a list of things that we have since “morphed” about ourselves since getting married.

-Jason will eat tomatoes (ok, only if they are “in” whatever I”m cooking, he doesn’t usually add them as an extra if given an option, but I hear that is much better than how he handled them before we got married!)

-I don’t enjoy mustard on my hot dogs anymore.  Jason only has ketchup when he has a hot dog. For a while I kept putting mustard on mine because I thought I enjoyed it.  Then one time I tried it without and I liked it so much better!  There has been no going back for me!  (And might I add, much to my hubby’s chagrin, hot dogs are not on our ‘healthy food’ list much anymore!  Sorry love!)

-Jason drinks Pepsi now instead of Mt. Dew.  The entire time we were dating, getting a ‘pop” was a fun and cheap date for us.  EVERY TIME  he would get a Dew and I would get a Pepsi.  Again, I have no idea how this happens, but 99% of the time, when we get pops, we both will order a Pepsi

I know there are several more “changes” in our marriage- I just can’t think of them right now.  Does anyone else find this interesting?  Or does this only happen at our house?