I’m not sure why God designed things the way he did.  I”m sure he had good reason… but sometimes I wonder why.  Days and sometimes weeks go by and I feel like I forget what I’m shooting for with my kids.  Sure we pray before dinner and it seems as though I tell Belle 1000 times about being kind/generous/ect because that is what the Bible tells us to do.  It all blurs together amidst the sleepless nights and teething babies.  Each day I’m trusting God and his principles that they do work and that I’m changing the legacy of our family as I train our kids and teach them about God.  But sometimes I loose site of that. Quite often in fact.  And then one day when you least expect it, God gives you that glimmer of hope or ray of sunshine that what I’m doing does count.  IT does matter and Belle IS getting it.  Last night was one of those nights.  We were at house church and had finished up the meal (and several times of correcting Belle, asking her to eat her veggies, stay seated in her chair, ect)  As we started out the song I was prepared for other ideas that she would have (wanting to keep playing, more drinks, potty break, ect) however as I closed my eyes and started in on the first song my eyes quickly popped opened as I heard a small but distinct voice singing along side of me.  Sure enough, my three year old daughter was singing along to “How Great is Our God” and not just humming along and saying a word here or there.  But all out singing the chorus- just like the big people.  Let me tell you, my heart melted at that point.  Just melted into a puddle.  Sure she has her “Wee Sing Bible Songs” but this was a big person song and she was singing her heart out.  And at one point near the end of the song she whispered “Mom, let’s clap!” Quickly I tried to calculate what would happen if we tried that.  No one else was clapping (there were about 15 people total in house church that night) so it would be awkward for the two of us to just clap.  And it wasn’t really a “clapping” kind of song.  But none the less, I smiled at her and started and clapping with her.  And bless their hearts- Matt E. and Jeff O. took one look at Belle ‘starting the clapping’ and joined along side of us.  It was only the 4 of us clapping- but it is amazing the confidence you can have clapping when someone else is clapping right next to you.  We finished the song and I just kept looking at my daughter amazed that God would be so kind to give me that moment.  And to top it off- she has been running around here all morning singing her lil’ heart out!

“How great is our God!  Sing wis’ me, how great is our God!”

I love you Belle!  You are a little light to the world around you and you don’t even know it yet.  Thank you for encouraging your momma’s heart!