Anybody else find that 3am is a perfect time to come up with blog entries?  Ridiculous I know… but I can’t seem to kick this problem right now.  And then to top it off- I sit and ponder all these ideas and by the time I get to the computer the next day to carve out some time to type…. I have lost it all.  Seriously, sometimes I cannot even come up with the topic that I had put together so well the night before. Geesh!  Anyway, several of my 3am blog entries have revisited my mind as of late, but now I can’t pick just one.  So this is a random glimpse into my world from the past few months.

-I love Christmas…. absolutely love it.  I enjoy the true meaning of Christmas, but I also love the music, hot chocolate, gifts, planning, Christmas letters, taking treats the the neighbors, Christmas shopping, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE wrapping gifts! 🙂  Ok- well, I take that back, I really love to wrap boxes and I need lots of pretty ribbon with wire in it.  I don’t like to wrap randomly shaped objects- it is too hard to make it all look neat and clean.  So, how I plan for Christmas?  I collect and store boxes all year long so that when I have randomly shaped objects I toss them in the boxes and can make them all look nice.  Yesterday I wrapped 3 gifts and it took me a good 45 min to get them all done. But they are B-E-A-U-Tiful!  Ahem… if I may say so myself.  Lots of ribbons and bows made that all possible!  Trouble is with 2 (and now sometimes 3) kids… it makes it hard to find the time/energy to get them all wrapped like that. Good thing I started yesterday.

– I love kids shoes that are velcro.  Seriously, I told myself I wouldn’t get anymore kids shoes that were tie shoes… but Belle did get a pair this winter.  Only because a friend traded me the shoes for a candle! 🙂  But I can not say enough how wonderful velcs are.

– Kansas is far away. We took our first family trip to visit my parents over Thanksgiving.  We stopped in Omaha to surprise Amy and let her show of her niece and nephew to her friends.  We got stuck on a “on ramp” on the interstate for half an hour due to a semi that went off the road.  We waited for 30 min only for a guy to come walking back to our car and tell us that it would be another 30-60 min until they had the ramp cleared.  So we turned around and went back an exit and came back (about 20 min) only to find that they had the ramp cleared by the time we had done that.  Oh my.  We borrowed the Windham’s mini van for the trip.  My husband is now convinced that we “need” one! 🙂  Ok, we don’t need one, but man was it nice!  So we are praying for a great deal on a van!  We will see how this all works out!

-Johnny is teething.  Wow.  Belle was never fussy (or at least not enough for me to think something was wrong) when she was teething.  However, since last Wednesday, Johnny has not been himself…crying all the time and not wanting to sleep at all during the day.  It was actually my dad who suggested that he might be teething.  But he wasn’t running a fever and Belle didn’t get her first tooth until 8 months so I didn’t think it was possible.  However, yesterday I finally decided to look in his mouth cause I couldn’t handle his screaming anymore.  And what do you know… he is cutting a tooth.  Thank goodness there is an explanation and thank goodness for Tylenol and Oragel! 🙂

And now… both babies are awake and crying.  I”m sure there will be more to come later.