Thankfully, Kayleigh’s parents leave her carseat with me in case I need to do any errands.  It is nice to know/be able to go somewhere if I need to.  However, I’m not even kidding when I say that it takes me a good hour to get out of the house with three kids these days.  I had a great coupon for several dollars off one of Jason’s vitamins that he takes that was going to expire soon.  We didn’t have a lot planned for the day so I decided to go ahead and load everyone up and head to Walmart to take advantage of the great savings.  Plus, I needed to get a couple food items so that was a double bonus.  Here is how it all went down:

11am- Johnny woke up from his nap- changed his diaper and nursed him

11:15am- got Belle lunch and heard Kayleigh starting to wake up from her nap

11:30am- had made Kayleigh’s bottle- fed and diapered her

11:45am- we are all downstairs putting on coats/hats and covering up the babies in their car seats

11:55am- everyone is buckled in the back of the car and I have the double stroller in the trunk

11:57am- pulling out of the driveway

We arrived at Walmart and the it was quite windy.  I haven’t quite figured out how to load/unload all of the kids into the stroller in the most efficient way yet.   So that took some doing, but I finally had both babies snug and in the stroller and Belle was walking/running as we headed into Walmart.  Overall- it was a good time in the store.  I was able to get the items I needed, Belle listened and obeyed and was a big girl and walked the entire time and Kayleigh fell asleep.  I had a few “glances” my way and a few “my my my… you  must have your hands full!”- I have not stopped to tell anyone that only two are mine, but I”m sure that will happen shortly.  Anyway, Belle wanted to go to the self-checkout so she could help me.  We got everything paid for and once again headed out to brave the cold.  All in all we were in Walmart about 45 min.  We get home and once again it takes a good 30-40 minutes to get everyone inside.  Belle needed to use the potty and go to bed, Johnny wanted to eat and needed his diaper changed and Kayleigh… well, she has never done this before, but she is still sleeping.  It has been a good 3 hr and 20 min since she last ate… she usually eats every 2 hrs on the dot.  (We will see how long this lasts!)  Anyway, our little outing took a good 2.5 hours.  Just for a coupon.  And you want to know what I found out when I got home?????


Such is my life these days! 🙂