(We had Belle’s 3 year old check up today.  She was playing in the corner of the room while the nurse was asking me all sorts of questions about her eating, sleeping, playing and talking habits.  I had no idea she (Belle) was even paying attention… however, I quickly learned that she was!)

Nurse: “How much milk does she drink every day?”

Leah: “About 1.5-2 cups”

Nurse: “And does she eat yogurt and cheese?”

Leah: “Yes.”

(with no more than a 2 second pause…..)

BELLE: “Mom, tell her I like mayonnaise.”

Which is absolutely hilarious to me because it sounds like that is all I feed my child.  In all actuallity, she just got her first taste of the “Smart Balance” version a few weeks ago.  Geesh. 🙂