Monday afternoon was a day that I never care to experience again.

It was about 4:15 in the afternoon.  I put Johnny down for a nap in his crib, but he was still crying it out for a while.  Belle was quietly reading books, practicing blanket time in the living room on the floor.  I told Belle I would “be back in 1 minute”- that I was going to get the mail.

I walked out the front door and closed it behind me.  Walked to the mailbox and started back up the driveway. Then it hit me, I didn’t remember unlocking the front door before I closed it.  I got slightly worried and then realized that I had to have unlocked it.  I got to the door and tried the handle.  You guessed it, it was locked.  Come again?  My heart rate skyrocketed as I realized that the car was in the garage (and it was closed) and the wood board was in the basement sliding glass door to keep people out! 🙂  OH MY GOSH.  Terrified was not the only one word that came to mind.  I ran over to our neighbors (who had just got back from a walk- the hubby is a teacher and had just got home).  I quickly asked A.J. if they had a ladder and he asked me what was wrong.  Promptly, I burst into tears.  He told me not to worry- that he would shimmy our back upper deck (I think a good 10-15 feet off the ground) and go in the top sliding glass door.  We all quickly went around the house (remember Belle is sitting quietly on her blanket reading books in the living room).  A.J. stood on a deck chair and climbed up the pole and after a few terrifying moments of wondering if he was going to make it- he got up and over the top of the decking to go in the door.  WHEW!


As my child finds a man walking in the living room who has never been in our house before and we’ve never “walked into the house” from the deck.  I quickly run around the house and go in the now unlocked front door.  A.J. is apologizing like crazy to Belle, Belle is screaming for me to hold her and Johnny is still crying in his bed.  Talk about an adrenalin rush.  All in all- I think it was only about 3 min that I was locked out of the house- but it seemed like hours.  AND it took a good 2 hours for my heart rate and breathing to return to normal.  I felt like I had just ran a marathon or something, I was completely exhausted.  Anyway, needless to say, I’m headed to Ace Hardware this week to get a spare key made to hide outside somewhere.  AND a garage key pad is now on my Christmas list!

As much as it was a terrible afternoon, God was so good in this situation.  As much as it scared me- I realized how gracious he was.  1) Our neighbor A.J. was home and had done this before at his house.  2) He was fit and strong enough to climb a pole to get up on the deck. 3) Jason only works about 7 min from home- so he could have made it home had I called him 4) Belle was obedient and stayed on her blanket while I was out of the house 5) Johnny was safe in his crib (as he is rollig both ways now!) 6) the entire situation only lasted about 3 min…. Thank you Lord!

**I went to get the mail yesterday (Tuesday afternoon) and Belle said,’Mom, is the door locked?’*  🙂